AC Leaking Water? Here's Why.

AC Leaking Water? Here's Why.

The unattended and leaking AC unit can cause some major trouble. But why it’s happening? There are many possibilities, and most of them easily fixed!


Don’t let it happen to you.

It’s important to note that your AC unit naturally produces water. That means it’s working. However, it’s supposed to stay within the appliance — there’s a pan inside that collects the water, which should be properly hooked up to a condensate drain line that leads this overflow away (leaving your living space dry and unscathed).

Ignoring your air conditioning unit’s water leak can lead to the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria in your space. There are usually three main causes of AC water leaks when you live in a rented habitat like an apartment or a townhouse as well as office buildings, while there are others when you’re — say — in a home or office complex with a basement or a yard. Here we’re sharing the critical basics on how to check your own unit and how you can get them fixed.

Not very likely, but possible: damaged overflow pan.

The overflow pan is almost always located at the bottom of your AC unit, and will be black, white, or made of metal. Turn your AC off and remove the pan and check for cracks, holes, or any other visible damage. Older air conditioners — often made of metal — or those poorly maintained can rust and this will let water seep right through. Your pan not doing its job? We can replace it very easily and affordably.

Pretty likely: dirty or clogged air filter.

ac air filter

Clean and brand new air filter. Image via Air Filters Delivered.

Sometimes this is harder to locate on certain HVAC units, depending on their size and capacity. You can find where to access it by contacting or researching the manufacturer, reading your care and handling guide, or calling a professional. Usually — though not always — the air filter will be inside your return air duct or blower compartment. This is your problem if there appears to be a serious amount of collected dirt.

Not only can a dirty air filter prevent you air conditioning from running properly, it can also increase your utilities bill by as much as 30 percent! The appliance has to work much harder when it can’t breathe, so to speak. Maintaining your unit by having it cleaned regularly will keep your costs down, keep you and your family cool, and prevent dust and allergens from saturating the space. We can almost always clean the filter or replace it, as needed, with little trouble.

Most likely: clogged condensate drain line.

This is usually a simple, plain white or clear tube. It drains condensation from the overflow pan and should be directly connected to an external pipe or drain system. When this component is clogged, it’ll usually backfire to the pan. If you’ve checked your pan for damage already while the pan appears full, you can see that this is most likely the problem (instead of the pan).

Always contact a trusted professional to repair or diagnose your AC unit in order to stay safe and cool. We’re here for you.

Featured image via Nevit Dilmen.

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