Home Improvement from the Inside-Out: Why Your HVAC Matters

Home Improvement from the Inside-Out: Why Your HVAC Matters

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home or commercial property, it’s time to think about your HVAC. Home improvement doesn’t stop — and it shouldn’t always start — with a fresh coat of paint.

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Rheem air conditioner image via Public Domain Pictures.

Your furnace and air conditioner play a huge role in the value of your property.

Many buyers and renters will turn down an otherwise beautiful space if they know that such major appliances will need to be replaced. Home inspections rarely ignore the basic functionality of the home, studio, or office. Whether you want to appeal to future buyers or you just want to actively maintain your own property, you need to start with your HVAC systems. HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) makes the space habitable.

HVAC is an essential need for your safety and comfort.

HVAC affords you to breathe clean air, whether you’re at work or at home. It keeps you cool in the summer, and it keeps you from freezing your toes off come winter. Especially if you’re in Chicago like we are, where — let’s face it — you really could freeze your toes off some days. Proper ventilation can help keep bugs, dust, and allergens at bay. Many features of our living and working spaces can be taken for granted. But you should never take your own health (nor your family’s, colleagues’, or tenants’) for granted.

A little maintenance goes a very long way.

Home improvement doesn’t stop when you’ve repainted or installed a skylight. Home improvement is something you have to maintain. A property left untouched for months on end will always decline, even if you’ve undertaken thousands of dollars in “improvements.”

You need to have a running checklist of the basics:

  • Is your air filter clean?
  • When was the last time you had your furnace inspected? Your A/C?
  • Are any of the appliances leaking water? –Inside, or outside?
  • Are your utilities bills what they should be?
  • Are you trying to be more environmentally responsible? What else could you be doing?

These questions can take time to answer, or even know how to answer. But that’s what HVAC professionals are here to help with. When Googling inevitably fails you, just pick up the phone.

We are always happy to help you maintain your property and its value, and we want to make sure you’re living in a safe space.

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