Save Money by Using Your A/C Properly

How well do you know about proper A/C use? Maybe your last utilities bill was through-the-roof high, and you’re looking for ways to save money for the next month.

You can save yourself a lot of time, money, and frustration by following some of our easy guidelines.

If no one is home, your A/C shouldn’t be on. It’s a common misconception that your HVAC system requires more energy — and consequently, more money — to power it on and off. Shut it down if you can, and try not to turn your A/C any cooler than 70 degrees. Choosing a lower number won’t make it cool any faster.

Actively maintain your HVAC. This means routine maintenance check-ups — at least once or twice per year — and inspecting your furnace and air conditioner (yourself) every few weeks. You can prevent major headaches down the road if you catch a leaking A/C unit or malfunctioning furnace before it becomes a serious problem. Here we’re talking possible mold, air quality issues, and day-ruining heat (should your A/C give out). Preventative measures like this will save you money and keep everything in order.

Don’t forget your air filter! This might seem obvious to some in terms on maintenance, but you’ve got to remember your filter. Check inside to make sure it is clean of debris, dust, or anything else. A filthy air filter will not only contribute to uneasy breathing, but require more power — and of course make for a higher bill.

Stay with the times, as best as you can. Don’t just file this under ‘routine maintenance.’ Inquire with your HVAC serviceperson about the year, make, and model of your appliances. Every year, new and more efficient (and cost-effective!) appliances and systems are developed and put on the market. While it can certainly be expensive to overhaul your HVAC, it is often a very sound investment. You won’t be immediately repaid with your new lower utilities bills, but you will likely be contributing to a greener future and a return on your investment down the road — of course, as long as you maintain it.

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When in doubt, always defer to your HVAC team. Stay cool out there.

Just ask us, and we’ll be happy to offer you more tips on how to save money on your utilities, HVAC, and other mechanical needs.


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